The Thing Is

These drawings originally derive from the concept of a container; a familiar object in its capacity to hold, receive and deliver content. This series now includes multiple suites numbering over fifty images. They continue the notion of a vessel or of other related, singular structures.

In making these images large I wish to emphasize the monumental power of a single form. Created through a slow, successive process of layering, I combine a range of tonalities, from dense blacks to see-through grays, enhanced by the use of light and high-key color.  An essential part is played by differing complementary effects, which intensify at the edges and margins of the image, thereby animating the whiteness of the page.

Each of my objects suggests a moment of equilibrium, a stop in the transformative life of a form; losing in some measure the strict edge of their contours in a dispersal of ephemeral effects, imparting to each shape an individual character.